Achievement Standard 90729: Describe genetic processes
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Achievement criteria: Describe/explain/discuss genetic processes
1 Genetic processes refers to genetic expression and applications of gene technology.
2 Genetic expression relates to its role in gene technology and will involve a selection from:
  • structure of DNA and its role in carrying the genetic code (double helix, nucleotides, base pairing, triplets, coding strand)
  • structure and function of RNA (messenger RNA, transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA)
  • DNA replication, which includes functions of DNA polymerase, ligases
  • stability of DNA and the effect of point mutations on gene expression
  • protein synthesis, which includes the role of DNA in determining the structure and function of a protein, and how that protein is produced (tRNA, mRNA, rRNA, amino acids, RNA polymerase, codons, anticodons, peptide bonds, polypeptides, transcription, and translation).
3 Applications of gene technology will involve a selection from:
  • restriction enzymes, ligation, polymerase chain reaction, DNA probes, DNA profiling, DNA sequencing, gene cloning, transgenesis, gene therapy
  • the implications of gene technology and associated issues.
4 Terms
  • Describe requires the student to recognise, name, draw, give characteristics of or an account of.
  • Explain requires the student to provide a reason as to how or why something occurs.
  • Discuss requires the student to show understanding by linking scientific ideas. It may involve students in justifying, relating, evaluating, comparing and contrasting, analysing.
5 A PÅ«taiao context could involve issues associated with gene technology, including concerns regarding interspecific gene transfer.

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