Achievement Standard 90731 (Science 3.5)

Describe Geological Processes in New Zealand (2 credits) Achievement Criteria

New Zealand refers to geographical New Zealand, its continental shelf area, and the tectonic plates on which it sits.
Processes will be selected from:
Plate tectonics: simple plate tectonic theory including
  • subduction zones,
  • deep sea trenches,
  • mid-oceanic ridges
  • transform faults

Seismic activity:
  • the cause, nature, measurement, and distribution of earthquakes,.
  • knowledge of P and S waves
  • The description, detection, measurement and use of P and S waves in locating earthquake epicentres
  • Use of earthquakes in determining the nature of the Earth’s internal structure.
  • Measurement of earthquakes: to the Richter and Modified Mercalli scales.

Volcanic activity:
  • types and locations of dormant and active volcanoes and volcanic activity areas,
  • associated phenomena such as geothermal activity,
  • relationship between magma type and volcanic features.

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