Links for Achievement Standard 90713: Describe trends in human evolution

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Human evolution - general overview
Theistic evolution - the notion generally supported by the Catholic Church and many other Christian denominations.
Evolution and the Catholic Church

1 Trends refers to progressive change over a period of time in relation to:

2 Trends in human biological evolution begin with early bipedal hominins and may require comparison with living hominids (apes). Trends are limited to:

3 Trends in human cultural evolution will be limited to evidence relating to:

4 Interpretations on the origins and trends of human evolution will be based on current evidence and may change as a result of recent developments.
5 Evidence relating to human evolution must be scientific evidence which is widely accepted and presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
6 Terms
  • Describe requires the student to define, use annotated diagrams, give characteristics of, or an account of.
  • Explain requires the student to provide a reason as to how or why something occurs.
  • Discuss requires the student to show understanding by linking biological ideas related to the trends in human evolution. It may involve students in justifying, relating, evaluating, comparing and contrasting, and analysing.