NCEA Level 3 (Year 13) Science .

Fumeroles, Wairakei (AS 90731)

Please note that I am not teaching this course in 2012 so this space is likely to remain fairly static.
However, I am still around and available for questions and so on. If anyone wants to 'adopt' the space, let me know. This is the last year for this course; I will archive the existing pages once the year is over and set up pages for the new Level 3 ESS course. I am not sure I will be teaching it, so may be looking for a new person to coordinate the wikispace.
Geology exam for sale: Science 3.5 Geology - paper by the author available for purchase by schools. (it is the one I wrote for our September exam; those who used it, if you want a fresh one for this year contact me early) Contact
Also 1.5 and 2.5 papers available.

Welcome to this Wikispace resource. I have created it for the students of Sacred Heart College, but other schools are welcome to use it.

Links to past papers and answers: are on the page with the Achievement Standard. The link to this is at the top of each subject page.

2008 Assessment report
The Level 3 Science course contains the following Achievement Standards:
90727 3.1 Carry out an extended practical scientific investigation with guidance 4 credits Internal (opt-in at SHC)
90728 3.2 Research a current scientific controversy 4 credits Internal
90729 3.3 Describe genetic processes
90730 3.4 Describe selected chemical substances and their uses. 4 credits External
90731 3.5 Describe geological processes affecting New Zealand 2 credits External
90732 3.6 Describe properties and applications selected from EMR, radioactive decay, sound and ultrasound. 4 credits External
90733 3.7 Report on a recent astronomical event or discovery 2 credits Internal

At Sacred Heart we don't do the genetics standard, instead I do
90719 Biology 3.7 Describe trends in human evolution 3 credits External Bio paper