The Achievement Standard 90730 explanatory note

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Selected organic compounds refers to the structure, and physical and chemical properties of alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, carboxylic acids, fats and oils within the limitations in these notes.
Uses refers to uses and/or effects of organic compounds in household, health, environmental, and industrial contexts, within the limitations of the following notes.

Alkanes and alkenes
  • limited to unbranched chains
  • properties include solubility, melting and boiling point, and degree of saturation
  • effect on properties of increasing carbon chain length
  • reactions are limited to combustion, addition reactions with hydrogen, and the addition polymerisation of ethene
  • uses could include fuels
  • limited to unbranched, primary alcohols
  • properties include solubility, and melting and boiling points
  • reactions are limited to complete oxidation of alcohols and esterification
  • uses could include solvents and fuels.

Carboxylic acids
  • limited to mono carboxylic acids
  • properties include pH and solubility
  • reactions are limited to esterification
  • uses could include formation of esters including triglycerides.

Fats and oils
  • properties include melting point, degree of saturation, and shape of molecules
  • reactions will be limited to the tests for unsaturation using bromine or iodine
  • effect on melting point of increasing fatty acid chain length, and degree of saturation
  • uses could include: fats and oils as foods and their effect on human health considering the degree of saturation, and cis and trans structures; action of the soap and detergent anion on triglycerides and hydrocarbons.
(Text above taken from the NCEA Achievement Standard 90730 © NZQA)

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